34th INDOOR CAR SHOW ( May 30 & 31st 2015)


John Oram- Impala

2 thoughts on “34th INDOOR CAR SHOW ( May 30 & 31st 2015)

  1. So your next meeting is July 8? We’re thinking we’d like to join your club. See you then.

  2. Hi Folks, Great to hear of your interest; however there are No formal Meetings in July due to vacations & the Atlantic Nationals. http://valleycruisersnb.ca/2018-schedule-of-events-2018/ Here is a link to our events, I will also update on the main page if there are any changes. you can also find us on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=valleycruisersnb%20carclub Memberships can be done at any of these events through Don Moore, or a good standing member.
    Thank you for your interest & see you along the road !

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